Our Past Projects

Multi Purpose Court for Hill Street Government High School Project Completed!

During our annual trip to India, AcademyAid had a chance to visit Hill Street Government High School in Secunderabad, Telangana, India. This government school lacked the basic amenities of a playground for the students. We were inspired to do something to help the students and the school. Discussions with the principal and the teachers helped us develop a concrete plan to put together a multipurpose sports court. We reviewed the quotations from different vendors and finalized Quality Sports Surface, Hyderabad. After raising $9,500 over the course of a month, we completed our project. Thank you for all your support towards our cause. Please find below pictures of the sports court:

Above is the picture of Anika playing a ball game with some of the students from Hill Street High School.

Plates Donated!

Another government high school which AcademyAid visited told us about how they were not able serve their students lunch properly due to the lack of plates. The plates they had, at the time, were not in ideal condition and most of them had broken or were lost. With your help and support, AcademyAid was able to donate $500 worth of plates to this school!

Uniforms Donated!

One of the schools AcademyAid visited was in serious need for new girls uniforms. The girls at the school had worn out and ripped uniforms and were embarrassed to come to school  or play with their run down clothing. After meeting with the headmaster of the school, AcademyAid was able to donate nearly $700 worth of uniforms to the high school school girls. Thank you to all of you who donated and helped these girls!

Here is a picture of some of the girls posed with the uniforms that were donated!

Middle School Science Camp

AcademyAid hosted summer camps to teach over 50 middle school kids competitive science classes in biology, chemistry, and physics. 
In total, AcademyAid raised over $2,000 to feed malnourished children in Africa!